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Muay Thai Shorts

Customisable Shorts

Danger Muay Thai shorts are handmade in Thailand from the highest grade of materials, and are well known in the martial arts world. We’ve been making Thai boxing shorts since opening our factory in 2004. Danger has a dedicated department in our factory where all our shorts are designed, manufactured and tested. The employees in this department are experienced seamstresses and specialize in making Muay Thai shorts and kickboxing shorts

The range of Danger Muay Thai shorts is vast, we have plain shorts that come in the same colour as our boxing gloves and shin guards. When combined in matching colour you will definitely look the part at your gym. Custom Muay Thai shorts come in a vast array of colours, text and montifis. If you are looking to have a pair of custom shorts made please contact us for more information. 

Danger Boxing Shop is a supplier to many large well-known gyms worldwide. The shorts are custom made to match the gym's requirements, all of the match fighters of their gym will be Danger sponsored with shorts. If you are gym owner or trainer looking for custom Muay Thai shorts please contact us for more information.

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