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Top King Boxing Gloves Exposed

Posted on January 23 2016

Top King released their new “super” model of their range of boxing gloves about 2 years ago. There has been a little confusion in the market place into what the differences are between their previous models. Some people have said they are a cross between their older ultimate and air models. However this is not totally accurate, so we are here to put the record straight today.

Current they have 4 variations of their super model range. They are the “super”, the “super air”, the “super competition” and the “superstar”. The “super”, the “super air” and the “superstar” models have the same Velcro close system. However the “super competition” uses a lace-up closure system, because of the nature of lace-up closure systems you will get better wrist protection when compared to the Velcro counterparts.

Now lets talk about the construction of the gloves. The gloves are essentially constructed in the same manner apart from the closure system mentioned before. All their gloves are hand made. However with the “super” model range they use 4 layers of foam. In their previous models they used 3 layers of foam. They decided on the extra layer of foam to give their customers a greater level of knuckle protection.

In addition to the extra layer of foam they reengineered the hand compartment. In other models they found that some people found the hand compartment a little too large and the thumb position slightly too straight. This lead them to fix the thumb position and make the hand compartment a little smaller to ensure a snug and secure fit.

The above two paragraphs covers the main differences between their super and other models. Lets now get into the slight differences in the variations of the “super” boxing glove range in the next few paragraphs.

The “super” gloves are essentially the no frills variation of the “super” range. They come in the 7 basic colours (black, white, red, blue, yellow, pink and green). They contain the 4 layers of foam and the newly redesigned hand compartment that we talked about earlier.

The “super air” gloves incorporate a clima cool system into the palm of the gloves. Their thinking behind the clima cool system is to allow the gloves a greater level of breathability. This decreases the drying out time of the gloves and reduces glove smell.

The “superstar” gloves are basically the same as the “super air”. They incorporate all the great features of the “super air” gloves. However they sport their signature “superstar” pattern. When they started to produce these gloves we did experience the pattern peeling from the gloves, but they have fixed this problem now.

Finally the “super competition” gloves are their lace-up version of the “super” range. They are their official fight glove.  These gloves have been used in Thai Fight and just recently in the Max Muay Thai promotions.