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Danger Equipment Ltd has teamed up with Amazon to utilize their world-class logistics resources. We can now offer free fast delivery from Amazon on all our products. We have sent all our products to Amazon's warehouse. This means when we receive your order it is automatically passed to Amazon for fulfillment by Amazon. This means we can process more orders quickly and efficient. 

While Muay Thai fighting has been around for centuries, its technique and practices have been a necessary art form to add to today’s mixed martial artist arsenal as MMA fighting has seen explosive growth these past ten years.

Our goal here at Danger Equipment Ltd is to be customer oriented and to be able to offer and bring our premium Thai brand to the forefront of the entire western mixed martial artist community, and at a price and quality that will be hard to beat.

Our retail department has been designed to provide you with all the latest top of the line equipment, gear, clothing and accessories. Our staff has over 25 years of training, teaching and fighting experience, and can easily guide and direct you and outfit you with all the appropriate equipment necessary for your training and fighting career.

We provide a wide range of protective equipment; boxing gloves, shin pads, hand and foot wraps – everything you need to help protect yourself from the rigours of training and competing and at prices that are affordable.

Considering the explosive growth of MMA fighting and the need for more gyms and training centres to accommodate and train athletes in this growing field, we have developed a wholesale department dedicated to fit the product demands of all gym and shop owners.

We offer a tiered wholesale pricing structure designed to give you the best quality and pricing available, discounted according to your quantity needs and we ship directly from the factory right to your location.

Call us on 020 8123 4381 or email us to request our current brochure and wholesale pricing structure.


Muay Thai Fighting and Technique
Mixed martial artists in today’s competitions need a wide variety of skills and technique in order to succeed. Muay Thai fighting implores techniques that include close combat fighting with regards to clinching and striking with short elbow and knees, as well as defensive counter striking with flying back kicks and elbows.

Training in the art of Muay Thai fighting is designed to keep your opponent off guard. It is intense, precise and requires extreme discipline, conditioning and hours of expert training and practicing and an openness to learn the difference between standard kick boxing and Muay Thai; and how explosive Muay Thai tactics can be utilized for your ultimate success in the ring or the cage.